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Why Do I Care About Environmental Issues?

I haven’t been asked this question yet, but I’ll go ahead and answer it.

I care about environmental issues because I’m a human that needs water, air,  shelter and food to survive. Earth is the only planet  that is suitable for humans to live on, so why do we destroy it? Seriously, why do we tear this planet apart piece by piece? Personally, I think it’s because people are greedy and ignorant. Scientists and environmentalists are laughed at constantly. I don’t see anything funny about scientists and environmentalists. I don’t see anything funny about our only habitat being destroyed. Where will you live?

I’ve come across some people who have admitted they don’t care about environmental issues mainly when it comes to recycling. Yes, people I know it is very difficult for you to put your plastics in that little green bucket that sits out with your main trash can. I understand how hard it is to put paper in that same bucket. Taste my sarcasm?

It’s not hard at all people to recycle. It’s not hard at all to contact your local government officials and voice your concerns about sludge spreading. It’s not hard to ride your bike or walk to the corner store. It’s not that hard to put your trash in the trash can.
To sum it all up I care about environmental issues because I live on Earth. This is my habitat. You don’t see other animals tearing up their habitats so why do humans do it?