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Base Realignment and Closure

I’m a Military Brat and proud of it! Both my grandfathers served and my dad served also.  One thing about growing up military is that you never fully retire. It’s a lifestyle…not just a job. You stay connected to the military families you meet throughout your travels and you stay aware of what is going on with military families; which brings up the topic of Base Realignment and Closure…BRAC.

The link below is from the government is worth the read



Here are my main thoughts/questions:

1. The military bases that these families are moving to are not deserted, so where are these people going to live?

2. The towns that are losing their military bases are also losing civilian jobs…so where are those people going to work?

3. With the contamination at Camp Lejune and other military bases is it safe/smart/logical to move even more people to the area?

4. Do the bases NEED to be closed?

5. What is to be done with the empty bases?

6. Refer to #1

7. When it comes to NC was the truth told about the water quality and available space at our bases?

8. Refer to #3

I’m not being like that boy on the bus who told Forrest, “You can’t sit here.” I’m just raising my hand and asking some simple questions? It doesn’t seem like the BRAC has been well thought out. It really brings out my “WTF?” face when things are done that offer SHORT TERM solutions. This isn’t 1639, people live past the age of 20 so we need to start making decisions based on what will happen in 20+ years.

Help Us Raise Money!

Waterfront Sportsman and the Environmental Investigation Coalition’s  goal is to raise $1 dollar for every person who depends on the Castle Hayne and Pee Dee Aquifer. Over 30 million people in 6 states depend on the Pee Dee and Castle Hayne Aquifer. Help us surpass that goal by purchasing items from this shop. Proceeds will be donated to the cause!!  Follow us on Twitter at


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Guilford County Commissioners Meeting

Thursday November 5th I drove from Raleigh, NC to High Point, NC to speak at the Guilford County Commissioners meeting. Usually I wouldn’t make such a random trip, but after all that’s been going on environmentally with NC I had to go say something. I felt no need to use all my 3minutes. Briefly I discussed my concerns of the water and soil contamination that has been going on in NC for years. I informed the commissioners that I have made contact with the Latino community to raise awareness on this issues, as they frequently use fields to play soccer (fields that are contaminated). I also let them know that I will not stand for our military bases being contaminated either. It makes no sense that our soldiers have to serve overseas then return to a contaminated state. Their families shouldn’t have to live on contaminated bases either. I concluded by telling them that I will not be silent about this issue.

People in NC are sick and dying because of the sludge spreading and toxic waters. Our local government has misused tax payers dollars. It’s a shame and it’s disgusting. I don’t understand how they can allow this to go on when they have to use the same water they’re allowing to be contaminated! What sense does that make? Exactly…NONE! Why has this gone on for so long? The answer is because people don’t know about it. If I have to stand on Blowing Rock and shout it then go to Grandfather Mountain and shout it I will. I’ve been volunteering with Waterfront Sportsman and the Environmental Investigative Coalition since May and have been putting this information on the internet and will continue to do so.

Sewergate is a term that will be remembered for years to come. If you haven’t heard about it…just stay tuned.

We only get one Earth and it’s time for us to take care of it. Environmentalist are always getting laughed at and teased, “hippie” “tree hugger” etc. What’s funny about someone who wants to take care of the land that they live on? What’s funny about someone who wants to keep flesh eating bacteria out of our lakes? What’s funny about someone who knows Uranium doesn’t need to be mined in Virginia because of the climate? I don’t find anything funny about it.

And that’s all I have to say for today