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Does Sludge Spreading Cause Illness?

Sludge spreading can be related to illness.

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Sewage Sludge Spreading

WOW! Say that 5 times fast: Sewage Sludge Spreading, Sewage Sludge Spreading, Sewage Sludge Spreading, Sewage Sludge Spreading, Sewage Sludge Spreading.


The city of Burlington is starting to be address this issue publicly

Rare Form of Cancer

Ewing’s sarcoma is a rare form of a cancer. In fact so rare that only about 250 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with it each year. Keeping that in mind, what is the reason that 3 teens living in the same city have been diagnosed with it? Is the environment to blame for them contracting this rare form of cancer? Could the water supply be responsible for this rare form of cancer?


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Rising Sea Levels or Sinking Shorelines?

Rising sea levels is what everyone is screaming! Well, almost everyone. There are some of us who are screaming SINKING SHORELINES! SUBSIDENCE! And perhaps if we scream it enough others will join in and more research will be done:


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High Risk: Climate Change

As part of GAO’s High-Risk series, Alfredo Gomez, a Director in GAO’s Natural Resources and Environment team, describes why GAO put the fiscal exposure of climate change on its list of programs at high risk for waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement.


From the U.S. Government Accountability Office,

Transcript for: High Risk: Climate Change

Description: As part of GAO's High-Risk series, Alfredo Gomez, a
director in GAO's Natural Resources and Environment team, describes why
GAO put the fiscal exposure of climate change on its list of programs
at high risk for waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement.

Released: February 2013


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GAO's 2013 High Risk List
Climate Change
U.S. Government Accountability Office

>>I'm Alfredo Gomez, director with GAO's Natural Resources and
Environment team. Climate change poses threats to both environmental
and economic systems, including agriculture, infrastructure, and human
health. It also creates significant financial risks for the federal
government, which owns extensive infrastructure, such as defense
installations; insures property through the National Flood Insurance
Program; and provides emergency aid in response to natural disasters.
Changes in our climate, such as increases in the frequency and
intensity of extreme weather events, create significant financial
risks. For example, the administration requested $60.4 billion for
Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts. Federal exposure could grow if what
are considered rare events like Sandy become more common as projected
by some experts.

Currently, the federal government is not well positioned to address the
fiscal exposure presented by climate change partly because of the
complex nature of the issue. Given these challenges and the nation's
precarious fiscal condition, GAO has added limiting the federal
government's fiscal exposure to climate change to its 2013 list of
high-risk areas.

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Accountability * Integrity * Reliability

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Sea Levels Rising 60% faster (NBC news report)

Bank laundering whistleblower labeled ‘insane’ then locked away in psych hospital

Mommy, the water tastes funny…

If my mother had a dollar for every time she heard either my sister or me say those words she’d probably have an extra $300,000 in the bank; maybe more. Turning on our tap to get a glass of water resulted in a cloudy glass of “water” with a distinct flavor…metal with a hint of who knows what. My parents immediately started buying distilled and bottled water. Safe to say that since I was in the 3rd grade I’ve been anti-tap water.

As I got older I would have conversations with my parents about all these health issues that seem to be springing up like weeds. I recall saying things like, “It doesn’t make sense; these disease weren’t as frequent when you guys were my age.” My mom would shrug her shoulders and not say much. My military father usually agreed or stayed silent. I’ve always been a nature lover; so for a while I’ve been aware of environmental issues. I began to think that maybe a lot of our medical problems (cancer, autism, respiratory problems, and a few others) were linked to things in the environment.

Last May, I answered an ad on craigslist. A group was looking for interns interested in the environment and not afraid to go against the status quo. That’s me! I went to Panera Bread and met 2 interesting characters, Dale and Renee. I read their information and chatted with them; then decided to get involved.

I could fill this blog with information about the sludge spreading across the state, the missing tax dollars, the bad dealings of Easley, Perdue, Hunt, and others, and a hodgepodge of other problems North Cackalacky has. I could talk about the Uranium Mine in VA. (If the scientist say don’t mine, but politicians say mine who are you gonna believe? I’m going with the scientist) But I don’t feel like it. I’d rather talk about why I’m still with the group.

I stick with the group because I believe in what they’re doing. I would not have spoken at the Guilford County Commissioners meeting last November if I did not. I would not have this blog. I would not be raising awareness. Hell, I would’ve walked away from that meeting at Panera Bread and never got back in touch with them.

Have I done my own research on these issues? Yes, I have. It doesn’t take a genius to realize what’s going on and how it affects us. I have no interest whatsoever in stopping people from smoking and drinking. I could careless that someone wants to light up a cig and toss back a few shots. I don’t care. I care that when I turn on my faucet my water is contaminated. I care that when I choose to live in a nice neighborhood some idiot has already tainted the land or better yet not designed it properly so I end up with water damage in my beautiful home. I care that when I decide to sit on my on porch and sip my NC brand wine I have to think, “Was the soil in the vineyards contaminated?” Yes, I care about air quality. However, I do not believe the air is what’s making people sick. If that were the case there probably wouldn’t be anyone to fight for the quality of air because we’d all be sick or dead. No, hard feelings to anyone who fights for air quality. It’s okay to be concerned about the air and being energy efficient.

Now, do I care about other things in the world? Yes, I care about homelessness, poverty, war, famine, crime, teen pregnancy rates, domestic violence, child abuse, animal abuse…yeah…those types of things. Anyway, back to the topic:

Yes, Dale, is straight forward, out in left field, buck wild, outta order, loud, country, abrasive, loud, loud, fast talking, in yo’ face type guy, or whatever adjective you want to use. But for years this man has seen with his own eyes what’s been going on in our state. In my opinion he is a credible source when it comes to sludge spreading and development issues.

Dale has his critics. It’s understandable. If I were a wolf in sheep’s clothing and my sheep’s clothing was snatched off by a smart sheep, I would run back and tell all the other wolves what he’s done (and to be a little bit more careful and get better sheep’s clothing). I’d also tell the dumber sheep that I was still a sheep. I’d make them believe me by pointing out everything negative in the sheep that exposed me. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that I’m still a damn wolf.

For my non-metaphorical people and my functioning illiterates:

Nobody likes to be called out and exposed for who they truly are; especially those people who have knowingly done wrong and spent years trying to cover up their bad dealings; it’s embarrassing, costly, and for some may land them in jail.

The environmental and development issues we have in North Carolina don’t have to be issues. There is no reason to spread sludge, over development, embezzle money, misappropriate funds, lie, etc. etc. etc. The groups that have stemmed from Waterfront Sportsman have real solutions to real problems. So why all the fussiness? Well, refer back to the wolf analogy. Others reasons included:
Some people can’t handle not being first.
Some people can’t handle being wrong.
Some people can’t handle being slightly wrong.
Some people can’t handle their agenda being pushed to the rear.
In lesser words some people just hate having a bruised or busted ego.

When it comes to what’s going on in our state, egos needed to be checked at the door. These problems are making people sick. These problems are making people financially unstable. These problems are killing people; slowly, but surely. You don’t want to believe it c’est le vie; just stay on your side of the fence and keep your mouth shut. If you have factual evidence that anything the EIC and Dale has said is false show and prove; no speculation only documentation…no rambling, no finger pointing, no whining, no crying, no yelling, no redundant statements, no out of date data…just the facts.

Okay, I’m done. Feel free to comment. But remember your comments must be educational and please spell check. LOL See, I have a sense of humor, but for real limit your spelling errors and be as educated as possible.

Why Do I Care About Environmental Issues?

I haven’t been asked this question yet, but I’ll go ahead and answer it.

I care about environmental issues because I’m a human that needs water, air,  shelter and food to survive. Earth is the only planet  that is suitable for humans to live on, so why do we destroy it? Seriously, why do we tear this planet apart piece by piece? Personally, I think it’s because people are greedy and ignorant. Scientists and environmentalists are laughed at constantly. I don’t see anything funny about scientists and environmentalists. I don’t see anything funny about our only habitat being destroyed. Where will you live?

I’ve come across some people who have admitted they don’t care about environmental issues mainly when it comes to recycling. Yes, people I know it is very difficult for you to put your plastics in that little green bucket that sits out with your main trash can. I understand how hard it is to put paper in that same bucket. Taste my sarcasm?

It’s not hard at all people to recycle. It’s not hard at all to contact your local government officials and voice your concerns about sludge spreading. It’s not hard to ride your bike or walk to the corner store. It’s not that hard to put your trash in the trash can.
To sum it all up I care about environmental issues because I live on Earth. This is my habitat. You don’t see other animals tearing up their habitats so why do humans do it?

Guilford County Commissioners Meeting

Thursday November 5th I drove from Raleigh, NC to High Point, NC to speak at the Guilford County Commissioners meeting. Usually I wouldn’t make such a random trip, but after all that’s been going on environmentally with NC I had to go say something. I felt no need to use all my 3minutes. Briefly I discussed my concerns of the water and soil contamination that has been going on in NC for years. I informed the commissioners that I have made contact with the Latino community to raise awareness on this issues, as they frequently use fields to play soccer (fields that are contaminated). I also let them know that I will not stand for our military bases being contaminated either. It makes no sense that our soldiers have to serve overseas then return to a contaminated state. Their families shouldn’t have to live on contaminated bases either. I concluded by telling them that I will not be silent about this issue.

People in NC are sick and dying because of the sludge spreading and toxic waters. Our local government has misused tax payers dollars. It’s a shame and it’s disgusting. I don’t understand how they can allow this to go on when they have to use the same water they’re allowing to be contaminated! What sense does that make? Exactly…NONE! Why has this gone on for so long? The answer is because people don’t know about it. If I have to stand on Blowing Rock and shout it then go to Grandfather Mountain and shout it I will. I’ve been volunteering with Waterfront Sportsman and the Environmental Investigative Coalition since May and have been putting this information on the internet and will continue to do so.

Sewergate is a term that will be remembered for years to come. If you haven’t heard about it…just stay tuned.

We only get one Earth and it’s time for us to take care of it. Environmentalist are always getting laughed at and teased, “hippie” “tree hugger” etc. What’s funny about someone who wants to take care of the land that they live on? What’s funny about someone who wants to keep flesh eating bacteria out of our lakes? What’s funny about someone who knows Uranium doesn’t need to be mined in Virginia because of the climate? I don’t find anything funny about it.

And that’s all I have to say for today