[ NRA ] When did they become Terrorists?

From Hamilton Street
The NRA is designated as a 501(c)(3) and a501(c)(4) organization, which allows it to operate both as a charity and to participate in political campaigns and lobbying.
According to a 1999 Fortune survey, lawmakers and congressional staffers considered NRA the most influential lobbying group. Its political activity is based on a principle that gun ownership is a civil liberty protected by the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights, and the NRA refers to itself as the oldest continuously operating civil rights organization in the United States, founded Nov 1871. According to its website, the NRA has 4.3 million members.
The National Rifle Association sponsors firearm safety training courses as well as marksmanship events featuring shooting skills and sports, similar to what happened at Boy Scout camp when I was a kid.  But somewhere along the way, the NRA was taken over by paranoid cowardly bullies who are scared to death to go places unarmed, when the other 98.9% of us can stroll most places with no fear.
Instead of making America safer, NRA is advocating turning every place where people gather in the 21st Century into a live shoot-em up reCreation of the Wild, Wild West like when they were founded.  Not long after 1871was when folks began searching for ways to hang up their holsters because of the massive inconvenience of living in a fear-laced gun-toting society, and that’s when paranoia began bonding this overly inbred strain of white Americans.
Out of the horror of a gun massacre of 20 children and 7 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut just before Christmas 2012, the NRA was quiet for a few days, but before a week was out, they were advocating putting armed guards in every public school.
Here’s my suggestion for the NRA’s future contribution to gun safety in America:  that Congress authorize them to supply armed NRA Officers — paid for entirely with private funding raised by the NRA — for every school in America, so that when the next mass murders occur and NRA Officers die, it will prove to us how right they are.
“Gun collecting is a hobby, not a national necessity.” ~ non-gun owner Gene Messick
Posted by Martha Rosenberg on AlterNet at 2:32 pm on Dec 19, 2012

Are the NRA’s Horse-Head-in-the-Bed Days Over?

2012 will be remembered as the year the nation stood up to bullies — including the bullies dictating national gun policy. Perhaps the only good thing to come out of the Newtown massacre is it pried state and federal lawmakers out of the NRA’s cold, dead hands.

Actually, the NRA’s power has been waning since at least 2005 when it declared a boycott against ConocoPhillips, a major Oklahoma employer with 3,000 workers, for blocking its bring-your-gun-to-work efforts. “ConocoPhillips went to federal court to attack your freedom,” thundered Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive vice president and CEO. “We’re going to make ConocoPhillips the example of what happens when a corporation takes away your Second Amendment rights. If you are a corporation that’s anti-gun, anti-gun owner, or anti-Second Amendment, we will spare no effort or expense to work against you, to protect the rights of your law-abiding employees.”

Unfortunately the boycott fizzled and the only “example” made was that the NRA is all hat and no horse.

The bring-your-gun-to-work bullying did not even fly in the “Gunshine State,” Florida. “Possession of firearms in the workplace or on company property is strictly prohibited,” said Bruce Middlebrooks of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, which has 7,500 employees in the Jacksonville area. “We’re not against the Second Amendment, but guns are inappropriate in our workplaces and workplaces include parking lots,” said Randy Miller, a lobbyist for the Florida Retail Federation which represents 12,000 businesses in the state.

Bring-your-gun-to-work efforts were so over the top, with hundreds a year already killed in workplace shootings, the American Bar Association challenged its legality.

Next, the paranoids at the NRA decided that the United Nations 2006 small arms conference, designed to coordinate individual nations’ policies toward arms shipments and sales, was a plot to grab US weapons. It even believed the gun grab was going to happen on the Fourth of July. (The press had a lot of fun with the idea of welterweight UN bureaucrats wrestling gun owners’ weapons away.) The NRA actually staged onsite demonstrations at UN headquarters, under the battle cry “Support Our Human Right To Guns and Self-Defense, and Protest the Gun Control Schemes of the United Nations.” Yes, “human right.”

Many remember the NRA’s mid-1990’s depiction of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents as gun grabbing “jack booted thugs.” It cost them the membership of George H. W. Bush and other prominent members. “To attack Secret Service agents or ATF people or any government law enforcement people as…wanting to attack law-abiding citizens is a vicious slander on good people,” wrote Bush in his resignation letter.

But fewer know about the NRA’s 2006 Freedom in Peril brochure, leaked to the press, that depicted gangs invading homes and flashing gang signs, hairy-legged female animal rights activists and the press as a giant vulture clutching a microphone. The illustrated brochure was a veritable NRA enemies list in which Katie Couric, Rosie O’Donnell, George Soros, Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Sens. John Kerry, Edward M. Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Dianne Feinstein, York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, the New Orleans police, the United Nations and illegal aliens were demonized.

“Second Amendment freedom today stands naked in the path of a marching axis of adversaries far darker and more dangerous than gun owners have ever known,” says the 27-page brochure. “Acting alone and in shadowy coalitions, these enemies of freedom are preparing for a profound and foreboding confrontation in which they will not make the mistakes of their predecessors.”

George Soros is “the Hungarian-born billionaire bankroller of a globalist jihad against firearm freedom” who has been “trying to revoke the Bill of Rights through his checkbook,” says the brochure.

Like bullies everywhere, the NRA’s aggression comes from excessive fear. As Ring of Fire talk show host Mike Papantonio says, maybe they need a “shot of testosterone.” Every day millions of people, including children, old people and 110 pound women get to work without the help of firearms. Yet the tough guys at the NRA are afraid to go to work and into other gun free zones unarmed. “People could drive on their highways with the guns, but they couldn’t stop anywhere,” sniffles LaPierre about gun free zones. “In effect, you’re nullifying the right to carry.

It is amazing politicians have allowed a few paranoid, aging white bullies to dictate a national gun policy that kills six-year-olds in school. It is just as amazing that voters have let them.



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