[ IMPEACH GOV BEV 13 ] “. . . and a very Merry Christmas to all ! ”

From Hamilton Street
Preface: To thousands of folks, I’ve written hundreds of times that the reason I cannot go home to my native State of North Carolina for Christmas is that NC suddenly stole everything I owned back on the day after Independence Day, July 5 2006.
A Judge in Rockingham County — where I once had a garden in Eden — threaten me with Jail if I ever tried to get any of it back.  As a reminder, from time to time Email threats came, claiming to be from various Officials, as I documented their behavior by published more of this Saga from the apparent safety of living out-of-State, while I slowly built back my stained and fused glass-making and teaching business of more than a quarter century.
They became silent as I sent hundreds of NC Officials detailed descriptions of expanding criminal behavior discovered along the way, with help from friends remaining in NC.  In early 2010 I discovered that 8 felony criminals were on Nov election ballots, including those who had stolen my livelihood.   My constant publishing, naming names and sending to State Officials all across NC culminated in the same RockCo Officials conspiring to have me arrested at my home, intending to Extradite me back to NC in order to shut me up permanently.
That’s been well covered in a dozen previous [ IMPEACH GOV BEV ] Editions, including my 29 days in Jails before a Commonwealth Attorney discovered they had no case against me, and a Judge released me on Nov 18th, just in time to permanently shut down my 35-year glass business on Thanksgiving Day. The same NC criminals had now twice crushed my glass business in an attempt to prematurely end my life.
In 1978 I had ventured out on my own, leaving the financial security of an institutional career of teaching Design at NCSU, Architecture & Photography at Cornell, Graphics and Winemaking at McDowellTech.  I named my business Lightworks Studio, to cover glass making, photography and my technical theater work.  When I suddenly and unepectedly found myself forced into exile from NC — I called my tiny struggling new Studio ReGeneration Glass, to honor my starting over.  Now as I close out my life, my current wordsmithing work done while living in poverty on Social Security, I call Occuπ Earthhome.us
At this festive Holiday Season when your gather with your family and friends — like all those taken from me by my condition of forced exile — I thought it might be worthwhile for the US Attorneys with whom I filed a 302-page Complaint on Christmas Eve 2010 if I provided them with a description of what was stolen, as best I can remember it, here as we approach Christmas Eve 2012.
Not a single stolen item has ever been returned by thieves working for the State of North Carolina, even though at first I sent multiple warnings to preserve the integrity of the crime scene.  So far as I know, everything has been destroyed.
This list is presented in the order it was dredged up from memory, by imagining walking thru each room in my Eden home, 6 and a half years after I last set foot in it, which is about how long I had lived there.
•  Every Christmas present remaining from 65 Christmases.
•  Every Birthday present that I had kept, and gifts of any kind.
•  Every Memento once belonging to my deceased Mother and Dad.
•  Every Keepsake that served to remind me of a person or past event.
•  Every Letter kept that anyone had written to me, personal or business.
•  Every souvenir collected from places I had visited, from Alaska and
    Canada to Spain and Costa Rica, and America from coast to coast.
•  My US Passport.  Every dream of travel again.
•  Drawers full of original, irreplaceable copyrighted designs of a lifetime.
•  Dozens of bottles of wine I’d made, vintages back to 1980, irreplaceable.
•  Detailed winemaking records, apparatus, and class teaching records.
    (I made 5 gallons of blackberry and grape wine in exile, from memory.)
•  File drawers full of notes, sketches and finished writings on every subject
    that interested me, including all from teaching at NC State and Cornell.
•  All historic research and class notes for a unique book on Glass Fusing,
   an unfinished work of 10 years in the making, never to be completed.
•  Documentation of my work with the Blue Ridge Parkway, including my two
    year campaign to stop the building of an inappropriate 4-story I-MAX theater
    including boxes of records I had obtained under a Federal FOIA request.
•  Names and contact info, business & personal, except what I had in a day-book.
•  Photos and news clipping files of every project I’d done for a lifetime.
•  Thousands of color slides, photos and negatives taken while I was establishing
    the Photography Degree at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY in the early 70s.
•  All documentation of when I created Intermedia Theater at NC State University,
    including print media, photos, slides, and short 16mm films produced and used.
•  A half-dozen professional slide projectors to be used to convert multi-projector
    slide shows into digital format, which was not available back then.
•  Photo and written documentation of renovating the Stage at Carolina Theater
    in Greensboro, built in 1927 as a vaudeville house, updated to a contemporary
    performing theater, re-rigging 50 line sets in a 6 story fly house over stage.
•  Complete contents of a double garage building in Eden I transformed into my
    Glass Studio with an attached solar greenhouse and surrounding garden, packed
    to the ceiling with boxes on shelves containing past projects and future dreams.
•  About a hundred finished glass works I had for selling at craft shows and shops,
    from both my garage Studio, in house studio work room, and indoor Gallery.
•  Numerous kilns and glass shaping apparatus, some uniquely developed by me.
•  At least a thousand pounds of large sheet glass, from 3’x4′ down to square foot
   pieces or less, of hundreds of different types, colors, textures.
•  Tools, equipment and supplies for cutting, sand blasting, assembling glass.
•  Portable display mounts, covers, hangers, tables needed to sell glass on the road.
•  All files and records of off-broadway road shows I installed at a Civic Center
   where I served as their Technical Director for more than a dozen years.
•  My extensive Library of books on Art and Glass, tapes and DVDs, materials
   stretching back to my days free-lancing as a campus Graphic Designer for NCSU.
•  Collection of unique & odd glassworks, used to display the Science & Art of Glass.
•  About 20 display panels I made for one-man Gallery shows, as part of a 40-year
   Retrospective Exhibit of my glass, graphic design, theatre set & festival designs.
•  Slides of a large panel Exhibition for the Smithsonian Institution I worked on
    called The Transformation of Space, all 50 panels extensively hand drawn.
•  Every stick of furniture I owned, including what came from my parent’s home.
•  And of course, my clothes, business records for tax filing purposes, food I’d
   both bought and grown: harvested, frozen and canned.
•  Apple and plum trees, blackberrys I’d planted, peonies from my Mother’s Mother’s
    Garden along with transplanted bulbs from her garden in Shelby.  Woodworking
    hand tools my Dad left to me, some from his Dad. My power tools, drills, saws.
•  Access to a house, studio and garden in Eden which I had spent 6 years renovating,
   improving from attic to basement, anticipating living there to the end of my days
   making glass and writing documentary books based upon what I had gathered.
•  And an abundant list of items forgotten, which served as place- and time-markers
   in a joyous life of making, giving, sharing and teaching for others to enjoy.
All of the above and more, were swallowed up by a corrupt Judicial System which Lame Duck Gov Bev has attempted to deny and obfuscate by erecting a Wall of Silence around hundreds of her State Employees. Their constant state of Denial for performing a duty they swore an oath to do — for so many years — now borders on pathological.
Because of refusal to honor their Oath of Office, hundreds of State Employees now stand self-indicted as Accomplices to Gov Bev’s Federal Crimes, each charged with Obstruction of Justice and Misprison of Felony:  Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
I have obeyed this law, reporting various crimes thousands of times.  None of hundreds of guilty State Employees — including more than 200 State Licensed Lawyer/Officers of the Courts — have ever reported anything.  Guilty NC Judges still hand down corrupt decisions, in exchange for cash and sexual favors.
For those who voluntarily joined Gov Bev’s Interstate Crime Syndicate to commit more and cover-up previous crimes, may you enjoy what should be your last Christmas out ofPrison Oranges for a long while, Equal Justice willing.  Celebrate this Christmas by acknowledging what you have failed to do.
Most people misunderstand the phrase “an eye for
an eye,” thinking it means revenge is justifiable. But
it’s an admonishment for equal justice, stated as a
limitation, meaning “no more than an eye for an eye.”
— Originally from the Code of Hammurabi, King of Babylon 1792-1750 BC
Equal justice is all I’ve ever asked.
What they did to me, shall be done to each of them.
There’s a special place in Hades for elected officials 
who steal from the People, where they shall watch 
each other roast, daily, eternally.  ~ Gene

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