For The Love Of Money

Please read: Lobbying Client

What do those numbers mean? In a nutshell the Canadian company who wants to lift the ban on mining for Uranium in Virginia has given roughly $53,000 to lobbyist and politicians.

What does that mean? They’re buying boilers. Refer back to “Boilers and Greasy Smiles” People turn into ravenous dispicable creatures when money is waved in their faces. They lose control of their senses. They allow their intelligence to become held captive. They swallow harder trying to stifle the guilty feelings that are erupting in their bellies. Their spines melt and they succumb to the almighty dollar. At night they lull themselves to sleep with the taunting lullaby, “It’s not that bad.” And when the pretty picture they’ve painted begins to fade off the canvas they scurry and hide; roaches running scared of the light.


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