This is an email to John Mitchell; field rep for Richard Burr

I am sending this message to you and everyone I can think of as I am fuming over the events that took place in our community today! In light of the report that was recently released by the Office of The Inspector General {that cost the taxpayers of this country $382,000} I can not believe the arrogance of EPA Region 4. One would think that after the announcement that findings show that there has been a serious neglect of the way EPA Region 4 has handled this case, that their superiors would sit down and discuss how to move forward with other RANKING government officials!!!!! The members of this community feel that DUE PROCESS is in order. It seems to me that when important information is withheld from a government report that is a crime! When family’s are exposed to hazardous chemicals and not told, that is a crime! When they are left in the pathway of deadly TOXINS and not told, that is a crime! Maybe the Federal Government needs to lighten the load of EPA Region 4 as they cannot properly get the job done. We and I think that I can speak on behalf of the members of my community, have lost ALL FAITH & TRUST in Region 4’s ability to ensure the safety of our family’s and our neighbor’s!!!!! As a taxpaying constituent I’d like to ask if the OIG, Mr. Don Riggor or Mr. Franklin Hill ever responded to Senator Burr’s request to have another region of the EPA to take over the “MILLS GAP ROAD GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION SITE”? It would be interesting to see the sampling orders, how many teams they had & the methods they used as several members of the community expressed to me that with the sampling that took place today “they have never seen the collection team in and gone in record time as they did today”! How many more Cancers, Brain Tumors, Illnesses & Deaths is it gonna take before someone takes notice? If one were to do the math taking the number of wells-springs & the amount of time that EPA officials were in our community, one might think that they where in an awful hurry.

I guess if I were them, I too would want to get in & get out as quickly as possible. I’d also like to mention while I have your attention when or if there will be a response to the Publics appeal to the “Public Health Assessment”? I was told by Ms. Sandy Mort of the ATSDR that “the information would be made available”. When asked if that information would be made available via Public meeting she said that has yet to be determined! We deserve better than that. There should be a PUBLIC MEETING were citizens can ask questions about information that Region 4 never made available to them. We to would like to have the opportunity to judge the evidence, ALL OF THE EVIDENCE!! Thank you for your time and your service assisting Senator Burr in making this country the greatest country in the world. Now we need your help in making it safe for it’s Patriots.

Aaron Penland

Response to Aaron from Don Yelton

Aaron please keep it up and will the rest join in. Actually they will put this off until after the election. If Burr wins then we will continue to get some favorable attention on a drawn out basis as in the past. If he loses then the new person will say they know nothing. Make this damn thing an election issue Now, come together and ask the hard question –WILL YOU CLEAN IT UP> this is just like the damn oil spill. Who cares about who did who and who caused who. People have been killed, are dying , and the damn stuff is still in the ground spreading out every day that the politicians play bull crap games.

We told Dole and you see what happened. Hagen is doing no more either. We have the data that the levels here are greater than at Le Jeune. JOHN, what more do we need? Folks I have told you from day one that it will take politics to solve because politics made it happen. Please unite together and get a single voice and make it heard.

Clean it up now and commit to that, present a contract to all candidates, local, state and federal. Go for it. As always I will help to spread the word if that word is CLEAN THE DAMN SOURCE OF THE MESS UP AND GET PUBLIC WATER TO ALL AFFECTED AREAS NOW. No more studies or reports only action. Make the best decision possible and move forward.
Go online and try to find more information about the CTS site. I HIGHLY doubt you’ll find anything.


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