Subject: Town wants inclusion in uranium study

I guess all incorporated towns, adjoining counties, individual industries
businesses and households need to ask to be included. This socio-economic
study, at present, is an insult.

News: Altavista Journal:
Town wants inclusion in uranium study
By Mark Thomas/Altavista Journal
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 12:57 PM EDT

Altavista council wants the town included in a socio-economic study
looking at the effects of uranium mining in neighboring Pittsylvania

Meeting June 8, Town Council, in a 5-0 vote, asked to be part
of the study. Members Ron Coleman and Beverley Dalton weren’t at the

The action came after Debra Lovelace, who lives in Gretna, said she
was concerned Altavista, which she said is about 15 miles from the
Coles Hill uranium site, would not be included. She said the study
would look at Pittsylvania and Halifax counties and Danville, but not

”I think we should be involved in what’s going on 15 miles
from our community,” Councilman Mike Mattox said.

The Virginia
Commission on Coal and Energy’s Uranium Mining Subcommittee is holding
a public meeting on the socio-economic study’s scope Tuesday, June 22,
at Chatham High School at 6 p.m. The study is set to address the
effects of uranium mining on businesses, schools and the community.
Last month, Campbell County supervisors also asked to be considered in
the study.

Because Altavista and Runaway Bay at Leesville Lake are close to the
site, Altavista District Supervisor Stan Goldsmith said the county
should be part of the study.

Virginia Uranium Inc. announced plans
three years ago to explore mining uranium at Coles Hill, about six
miles northeast of Chatham. Discovered in the early 1980s, the uranium
deposit is one of the largest in the United Sates and is worth an
estimated $7 billion.

The socio-economic study is expected to start
late this summer or early fall and take about 18 months. A scientific
study will also be done.

Water via Gretna to Uranium Mine
wrote on Jun 17, 2010 8:01 AM:
” Latest scoop on uranium miners Coles , Hurt and Hawkins is their
scheme/plot to run water from Leesville/Smith Mountain Lakes to Gretna
and then to the Coles-Hurts uranium mine? Of course tobacco $ will
fund most or all of the project in keeping with their wasting and
squandering these funds on such ? It could involve a huge pipeline or
even a canal to run the water to the mine and then on to the Banister
River and Halifax. It also could essentially relocate the
Roanoke/Staunton River and much of its water to the southeast… ”

My 2cents: What has the world come to? Greed has possessed so many people and all they can see is dollar signs. Look at the oil spill. They can’t get that under control and these jackasses talking about mining for uranium? A friend of mine said to me recently, “Why is it the laziest people have the highest paying jobs?” Here’s an add on to that, “Why is it the dumbest people get to make so many decisions?” Don’t be stupid. This is not a time for pleasantries; mining for uranium in VA is insane. I long for the day when greedy jackasses aren’t in charge and when people get some damn backbone and stand up for themselves.I do not understand what goes through the minds of these people who support mining for uranium in Virginia. Actually, what goes through their minds is a tumbleweed made out of dollar bills; tumbling across a vast empty desert.


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