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VA Beach Uranium Mining Study

We do have information from Virginia Beach regarding their study; it addresses impacts from Kerr Reservoir on downstream.

Project description includes (see attached presentation):
Phase I Assessment
Assume a PMP-type catastrophe and sediment release (Banister and Roanoke Rivers will be modeled – a number of containment failure scenarios will be run to represent large and small quantities and short and long durations.)
Estimate of contaminated sediment to reach Kerr Reservoir
Assess potential increase in background radiation levels in Kerr

Phase II Assessment
Detailed analysis based n Phase I results (if deemed necessary)
Va. Beach officials know that the tailings are the most significant long-term element of any mining proposal and they indicated that without a study of the post-mining long-term impacts of tailings, the NAS study is “dead on arrival.”

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People Still Read the Newspaper

A piece by John DeCock, pres of Clean Water Action. It ran in our News & Observer this past Friday but for some reason is not up on their website. All other sites that picked this up, their links are bad since it’s been yanked (no surprise there).

So umm yeah you can snatch a story from the internet, but guess what genius…it’s already been printed and distributed via the newspaper.

nuclear article NandO


This is an email to John Mitchell; field rep for Richard Burr

I am sending this message to you and everyone I can think of as I am fuming over the events that took place in our community today! In light of the report that was recently released by the Office of The Inspector General {that cost the taxpayers of this country $382,000} I can not believe the arrogance of EPA Region 4. One would think that after the announcement that findings show that there has been a serious neglect of the way EPA Region 4 has handled this case, that their superiors would sit down and discuss how to move forward with other RANKING government officials!!!!! The members of this community feel that DUE PROCESS is in order. It seems to me that when important information is withheld from a government report that is a crime! When family’s are exposed to hazardous chemicals and not told, that is a crime! When they are left in the pathway of deadly TOXINS and not told, that is a crime! Maybe the Federal Government needs to lighten the load of EPA Region 4 as they cannot properly get the job done. We and I think that I can speak on behalf of the members of my community, have lost ALL FAITH & TRUST in Region 4’s ability to ensure the safety of our family’s and our neighbor’s!!!!! As a taxpaying constituent I’d like to ask if the OIG, Mr. Don Riggor or Mr. Franklin Hill ever responded to Senator Burr’s request to have another region of the EPA to take over the “MILLS GAP ROAD GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION SITE”? It would be interesting to see the sampling orders, how many teams they had & the methods they used as several members of the community expressed to me that with the sampling that took place today “they have never seen the collection team in and gone in record time as they did today”! How many more Cancers, Brain Tumors, Illnesses & Deaths is it gonna take before someone takes notice? If one were to do the math taking the number of wells-springs & the amount of time that EPA officials were in our community, one might think that they where in an awful hurry.

I guess if I were them, I too would want to get in & get out as quickly as possible. I’d also like to mention while I have your attention when or if there will be a response to the Publics appeal to the “Public Health Assessment”? I was told by Ms. Sandy Mort of the ATSDR that “the information would be made available”. When asked if that information would be made available via Public meeting she said that has yet to be determined! We deserve better than that. There should be a PUBLIC MEETING were citizens can ask questions about information that Region 4 never made available to them. We to would like to have the opportunity to judge the evidence, ALL OF THE EVIDENCE!! Thank you for your time and your service assisting Senator Burr in making this country the greatest country in the world. Now we need your help in making it safe for it’s Patriots.

Aaron Penland

Response to Aaron from Don Yelton

Aaron please keep it up and will the rest join in. Actually they will put this off until after the election. If Burr wins then we will continue to get some favorable attention on a drawn out basis as in the past. If he loses then the new person will say they know nothing. Make this damn thing an election issue Now, come together and ask the hard question –WILL YOU CLEAN IT UP> this is just like the damn oil spill. Who cares about who did who and who caused who. People have been killed, are dying , and the damn stuff is still in the ground spreading out every day that the politicians play bull crap games.

We told Dole and you see what happened. Hagen is doing no more either. We have the data that the levels here are greater than at Le Jeune. JOHN, what more do we need? Folks I have told you from day one that it will take politics to solve because politics made it happen. Please unite together and get a single voice and make it heard.

Clean it up now and commit to that, present a contract to all candidates, local, state and federal. Go for it. As always I will help to spread the word if that word is CLEAN THE DAMN SOURCE OF THE MESS UP AND GET PUBLIC WATER TO ALL AFFECTED AREAS NOW. No more studies or reports only action. Make the best decision possible and move forward.
Go online and try to find more information about the CTS site. I HIGHLY doubt you’ll find anything.

Eye on the Prize, not BP

Eye on the Prize, not BP
By: Dr. Ada Fisher

As I watch my 1000+ retirement shares of BP slowly sink in the murky abyss of unrelenting gushes of oil, I don’t personally give a damn if the BP CEO yachts or Obama plays golf; they might as well since both haven’t a clue what to do.

First, the president’s panel to investigate Deepwater Disaster contains not one oil man or American Petroleum Institute member which is ludicrous. Unless you have been involved in oil drilling you don’t know the dynamics of the process and safeguard procedures currently available for deployment to address the issues. There should be someone in occupational medicine with veterinary experience to address the human and animal concerns at play as well as the threat to the food chain for man and beast. The dumb remarks of Chris Matthews on Hardball saying early on that the government should nationalize oil was stupid for we have neither the expertise to do such nor as we are currently observing regulatory oversight structure for both are proving inadequate and inept.

Second, the help we need is not being invoked. As Bush did with Katrina this administration should invoke a set aside of the Jones Act which would allow non-American vessels to help collect this oil. Since Obama is blaming him for everything else, give him credit for doing this and follow suit. Could it also be that the sluggishness in this is because BP may want to caldron all the oil for itself to help pay the bills it has promised to pay? The priority should be to stop the leak and clean up the oil!

Third, Congress should not be allowed off the hook in permitting companies such as BP to buy out AMOCO which sold not only their operations but gave that company control of 80+% of USA natural gas reserves. International conglomerates are being allowed to play by rules that jeopardize national sovereignty and remove strategic resources from a country to be sold on the open market with no accountability to that country of resource’s origin. It will be intriguing to see how the USA can hold a licensed company of the United Kingdom to its rules and make them pay when they scream enough.

Fourth, unlike others, I am not convinced BP is solely to blame for the oil spill for lurking underreported in the background is a spontaneous substantial leak of oil on the ocean floor which is not being considered in the clean up equation. With the earthquakes in the islands and floor of the ocean in that area, one must wonder if the underground tectonic plate shifts have caused an extraordinary build up of pressure and any hole or weakness in the ocean floor may serve as a pop-off valve.

Fifth, this disaster provides an opportune time to expand the numbers, not reduce by 4% the US Coast Guard as the Obama Administration previously proposed. It is evident that the USCG role in disasters is critical to our Homeland Defense and National Security. Upping their ranks from 40,000 to at least 60,000 would add more calm to our storm tossed seas.

Sixth, now is a good time to look at the profit structure of mega-corporations which use our resources. Why is not BP, Exxon, Shell and others who drill on our land required to give one-third of their profits from such to the treasury? It is a better way to handle this than the socialistic wealth redistribution through unfair taxes being proposed.

Seventh, why are company profits not going to shareholders? Though BP makes billions in profits, my shareholder statements show that we stakeholders didn’t share in those profits. So who is getting the money and who protects our interests?

Eighth, as one who has long opposed drilling and building nuclear power plants, the spill confirms my concern that tested back-up plans for worst case scenarios must be in place before folks go off half-cocked doing things with little or no preparation when something goes wrong.

Ninth, it must be appreciated that no new refineries have been built in this nation in more than thirty years. Several old AMOCO facilities are operating at less than full capacity in Mandan, ND , Salt Lake City, Utah , Whiting, Indiana and Yorktown, VA. What dictates bringing the old on line and building new?

And Tenth, let us not forget about the need for research into the regulations in place and those proposed to insure that they do protect the public’s safety and promote sound environmental stewardship not just create obstacles to production.

Just some food for thought, appreciating that if we don’t clean up the oil we may not have sufficient water to wash it down.

Dr. Ada M. Fisher was previously a Medical Director of Amoco Oil Company and is a physician, previous school board member, licensed secondary education teacher for mathematics and science, as well as the NC Republican national Committee Woman. Contact her at P. O. Box 777 ; Salisbury , NC 28145 ; telephone (704) 223-2321;



VUI commenced its so-called scoping study back in March 201o right around the same time when the National Academies of Science announced its decision to agree to conduct the technical study of feasibility of uranium mining in Virginia (despite the obvious conflict of interests, as the study will be paid by VUI). A lot of you hoped that the scoping study would shed some light on the technical details of the proposed mining and milling project. It also sounded very promising at the time when the Coal and Energy Commission’s Uranium Mining Subcommittee announced its intention to incorporate the scoping study information into its study of socioeconomic impacts of uranium mining.

We all hoped to finally learn what type of mining and milling VUI will employ, how large the mining operation will be, what will be the scale of the milling operations, how much water the mine and mill will use, where this water will come from, how much electric power the operations will need and who will be supplying that electricity, what heavy machinery will be used, what happens to the water used in the mining and milling operations, how the extracted uranium will be transported and which routes will be used and what types of precautions will be in place. We needed all this information for the study to answer many environmental, health and economic questions, such as: how much water will be consumed; how it will affect the Roanoke River Basin; what happens to the contaminated water discharged from the mine and mill, where will it go, how will it be treated before it is discharged into the environment; how much noise and air pollution will be created by mining and milling operation; how much electric power will be consumed and whether it will affect electric supply to the neighboring communities; how safe our roads will be with all these trucks carrying radioactive yellowcake. It also appears that we will probably never learn how (and if at all) the site will be reclaimed and rehabilitated once all uranium is extracted, and what will happen to the communities when the mining and milling operations get temporarily suspended when uranium prices on global markets hit low and who will be watching over radioactive uranium tailings during those periods.

Instead, we got a 1.5 page summary with the numbers we all have already seen. The list of occupations to be used at the mine and mill is nothing more than a list that anyone can compile by looking up on Internet general information on personnel employed at any mine and mill. The summary of the so-called scoping study does not explain how the revenue and “investment in the community” estimates were derived and what they are based on. These are not reliable estimates or even predictions; those numbers are just empty promises. A socioeconomic study that relies on empty promises will be an empty promise in itself.

To prevent this situation from happening, attend the June 22 public hearing and voice your recommendations on the scope of the socioeconomic study. Tell the Uranium Mining Subcommittee that you want the study to be based on real facts and that VUI has to provide real information on its planned operations. If you are unable to attend, you have until June 20 to send written comments to the Uranium Subcommittee.

Reference Materials:

Meeting Agenda

Coles Hill Conceptual Study Results Summary

“Virginia Reports study Underway for Coles Hill Uranium Project,” Marketwire

‘Uranium study gets green light” by Tim Davis, Chatham Star-Tribune

Subject: Town wants inclusion in uranium study

I guess all incorporated towns, adjoining counties, individual industries
businesses and households need to ask to be included. This socio-economic
study, at present, is an insult.

News: Altavista Journal:
Town wants inclusion in uranium study
By Mark Thomas/Altavista Journal
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 12:57 PM EDT

Altavista council wants the town included in a socio-economic study
looking at the effects of uranium mining in neighboring Pittsylvania

Meeting June 8, Town Council, in a 5-0 vote, asked to be part
of the study. Members Ron Coleman and Beverley Dalton weren’t at the

The action came after Debra Lovelace, who lives in Gretna, said she
was concerned Altavista, which she said is about 15 miles from the
Coles Hill uranium site, would not be included. She said the study
would look at Pittsylvania and Halifax counties and Danville, but not

”I think we should be involved in what’s going on 15 miles
from our community,” Councilman Mike Mattox said.

The Virginia
Commission on Coal and Energy’s Uranium Mining Subcommittee is holding
a public meeting on the socio-economic study’s scope Tuesday, June 22,
at Chatham High School at 6 p.m. The study is set to address the
effects of uranium mining on businesses, schools and the community.
Last month, Campbell County supervisors also asked to be considered in
the study.

Because Altavista and Runaway Bay at Leesville Lake are close to the
site, Altavista District Supervisor Stan Goldsmith said the county
should be part of the study.

Virginia Uranium Inc. announced plans
three years ago to explore mining uranium at Coles Hill, about six
miles northeast of Chatham. Discovered in the early 1980s, the uranium
deposit is one of the largest in the United Sates and is worth an
estimated $7 billion.

The socio-economic study is expected to start
late this summer or early fall and take about 18 months. A scientific
study will also be done.

Water via Gretna to Uranium Mine
wrote on Jun 17, 2010 8:01 AM:
” Latest scoop on uranium miners Coles , Hurt and Hawkins is their
scheme/plot to run water from Leesville/Smith Mountain Lakes to Gretna
and then to the Coles-Hurts uranium mine? Of course tobacco $ will
fund most or all of the project in keeping with their wasting and
squandering these funds on such ? It could involve a huge pipeline or
even a canal to run the water to the mine and then on to the Banister
River and Halifax. It also could essentially relocate the
Roanoke/Staunton River and much of its water to the southeast… ”

My 2cents: What has the world come to? Greed has possessed so many people and all they can see is dollar signs. Look at the oil spill. They can’t get that under control and these jackasses talking about mining for uranium? A friend of mine said to me recently, “Why is it the laziest people have the highest paying jobs?” Here’s an add on to that, “Why is it the dumbest people get to make so many decisions?” Don’t be stupid. This is not a time for pleasantries; mining for uranium in VA is insane. I long for the day when greedy jackasses aren’t in charge and when people get some damn backbone and stand up for themselves.I do not understand what goes through the minds of these people who support mining for uranium in Virginia. Actually, what goes through their minds is a tumbleweed made out of dollar bills; tumbling across a vast empty desert.

Boilers and Greasy Smiles

One of my favorite movies is The Preacher’s Wife with Whitney Houston, Denzel Washington, and Courtney B. Vance. If you’re unfamiliar with the plot, it’s the story of Rev. Henry Biggs and Mrs. Julia Biggs (Vance and Houston) and how a prayer request from Rev. Biggs was answered by the angel Dudley (Washington). Rev. Biggs is the minister of St. Matthews Church; which was headed by Mrs. Biggs late father. The neighborhood surrounding St. Matthews is falling apart and a wealthy developer Joe Hamilton (Gregory Hines) has the solution! His vision for the new St. Matthews includes fancy lighting, a new sanctuary, video equipment, a daycare center, senior center, and tennis courts; moving them into the new future!

Poor Rev. Biggs is torn between rebuilding the church with limited funds and succumbing to the pressure of Joe Hamilton; who even schmoozed with the deacon board behind Rev. Biggs’ back! Not to mention Dudley is still around trying to help Rev. Biggs see the treasure he has within St. Matthews and his family. Well, desperate and discouraged after the church’s boiler exploded (keep in mind it’s the dead of winter) Rev. Bigg’s accepts Joe’s offer. To seal the deal Joe buys Rev. Biggs a new boiler. Excited about he’s just done Rev. Biggs meets his wife Julia for lunch to tell her the good news! He raves about the new church showing her the layout of the future building. She tosses the papers back to him, “The man is building a shrine to himself!” Unmoved by her statement he excitedly tells her about the new boiler to which she explodes, “Henry, he bought you for a boiler?”

Want to know what happens after that? Watch the movie.

How does this relate to environmental issues? Developers, miners, and other corporations buy “boilers” all the time to seal the deal on a project that they believe is greater, better, and profitable. I remember years ago in Fayetteville a company bought the land and house from a man and built shopping centers. They paid him a LARGE amount of money! Was it a good move? Yes, at the time Fayetteville didn’t have a Best Buy, Target, Buffalo Wild Wings, and a host of other stores in that section of town. Sadly, this isn’t always the case.

The harsh reality is that that there are crooks in the world that will come with their “boilers,” and blue prints; showing of the FUTURE! What they haven’t done is a complete analysis; they’ve only done a financial. They’ve crunched the numbers and know their new buildings, factories, or mines will bring the big bucks. Nothing wrong with bringing in the big bucks, however, the aftershocks need to be considered.

Let’s refer back to the movie. The church Joe Hamilton wanted to build was magnificent. It would have been an iconic fixture in the community; a community that ranged from middle class to very low income. Joe’s church was going to include:
– Tennis courts
– Sanctuary and other rooms in the church
– Brand new sound system
– Child care center
– Senior center

All of the above comes with the cost of equipment, utilities, maintenance, and employees. Could the community afford that? NO! They would have been indebted to Joe Hamilton for years and probably would’ve filed for bankruptcy. With that being stated before the Joe Hamilton’s come in with their seemingly bright ideas they and the communities they’re soliciting to need to take into full consideration how everyone will be affected. Finances must be considered along with environmental consequences.

There are a few Joe Hamilton’s running amuck in Virginia and North Carolina (other states as well). They’re flashing their greasy smiles and whipping out their check books! They’re going to move us into the future! Take for example the Joe Hamilton’s who want to mine for uranium in Virginia. They are projecting to bring in several jobs to the rural area of VA! Who is going to fill these highly skilled technical jobs? Not to say the people of this area are not educated, but are they qualified to work the higher paying jobs? Or will the mining company reassign their employees in other states and bring them to Virginia? I believe they will reassign employees.

They also say the mining of uranium is going to bring money to the area. The area that the mine is located in already brings in money from tourism. The lakes surrounding the area are absolutely gorgeous! Water enthusiast from all over the world come to the area to fish, yacht, jet -ski, and relax. Knowing this information why in the blue hell would anyone say, “Sure, come mine uranium!”? Who is going to reap the benefits of uranium mining? You damn skippy it won’t be the people who are responsible for running the lodges and marinas those water enthusiasts love to visit. Those businesses will sink faster than the Titanic. All of the money those businesses have pulled in for the state of Virginia and for their own livelihoods will be gone with the wind.

Stop and think rationally. The Virginia climate cannot handle the mining of uranium. Who will benefit from the mining? Who will be harmed from the mining? Who is going to pay for the construction of the mine? Who will pay for the mistakes of the mining company? Look at the BP oil spill. They can’t figure out how to stop the oil from pouring out. Do you honestly think they can get uranium out of the rivers if an accident were to happen? Don’t even open your mouth and say, “yes,” because you know that will be a damn lie. (yeah I said it)

If the powers that be would stop being so greedy and ignorant they would realize there are safer alternatives for energy. There is no need for uranium to be mined. I do not believe that people who are in favor for the mining of uranium in Virginia are complete idiots. I believe they, like Rev. Biggs, received a “boiler.” Maybe they got a few extra bucks in their bank account or a promise to be reelected (regardless of what the polls show). It is difficult to find your backbone when your chances of being reelected are slim to none. It is difficult to find your backbone when your bank account is dry as a bone and business is a little sluggish. It is difficult to find your real backbone when you’ve become accustom to your pseudo backbone made of hush money. To anyone who has the power to say, “yay” or “nay” to the mining of uranium I say to you the same statement Rev. Biggs said to Joe Hamilton when he was first presented with the idea of moving into the future: