Letter to the Tri-G Group

Environmental Investigation Coalition
“Protecting Your Clean Water & Good Health”

Environmental Jobs Task Force Toxic Asset Recovery Team “Creating Jobs from Environmental Problems”
“”Restoring Trust & Equity with Environmental Solutions”

TO: Tri-G Group – Guy Stephen Gulick, Guy Geoffrey Gulick, Garen Gregory Gulick
DATE: April 7th, 2010
RE: Demand to surrender property & operations at Quarry Hills

Dear Sirs,
As an 18-yr resident and former homeowner at Quarry Hills whose house was lost to impervious surface runoff due to poor planning and engineering by Will Mann and Franz Holt, I come with others who have been defrauded with membership fees and dues. You are currently part of an ongoing real estate Ponzi scheme, membership dues scam and cover-up for Will Mann’s environmental crimes. Complaints have already been made to the Bankruptcy Trustee, Ms. Sara Conti, about Will Mann’s fraudulent transactions. And more complaints will be forthcoming.

Each of your individual and family actions are directly linked to these fraudulent crimes. If you’re not already familiar with myself or my group, the recent Ruffin Poole indictments parallel many of the same problems at Quarry Hills. The preface on Poole’s indictments states that complaints originating from ‘Pamlico developers,’ with myself being the most outspoken one to the point of creating my own alternative media presence to educate the general public about developmental and environmental crimes and injustices, led to this federal investigation.

One of the key elements in this particular case and others is ‘express permitting’ for unbuildable lots by DENR. By providing copies of all the documents from my years of research and discovery on water/sewer issues to United States Attorney George Holding, Ruffin Poole is now facing jail time for his role in promoting unbuildable lots in Cannonsgate and many other developments. Will Mann and Franz Holt have done the exact same thing – created unbuildable lots in an effort to defraud builders and home owners. Your expertise as a sewer/septic contractor does not reflect any experience in the golf industry, restaurant operations, nor country club management. For this reason, our group believes that your family is only there at Quarry Hills to cover up water quality and sewer problems that date back to George Basin and Franz Holt’s faulty design in operations, conflicts and cover-up in the Town of Swepsonville. For some time now, my group has been compiling
scores of documents that reflect a conspiracy to defraud.

A number of complaints will be filed against NC licensed professionals involved in this continuing scam and cover-up. As your group has not the wherewithal nor financial stability to continue operations, you have no equity, as well as no standing in the community. Therefore I am demanding that Tri-G Group surrenders all keys to all facilities, possessions of said premise, all records to be held in trust pending investigations and immediately vacate the property by 10am Friday, April 9th. In the event that you choose not to cooperate, this will continue to increase the cost of administration on this Chapter 7 post petition action and gain no results for harmed parties as the business models of Piedmont Crescent and Quarry Hills have only been designed to extract fees for professionals and Will Mann, thus never benefiting the people who have been harmed.

I am giving you the benefit of doubt and am enclosing the Environmental Investigation Coalition’s group bio. This group of professionals support my reasonable demand that Quarry Hills Country Club facility be turned over to our Toxic Asset Recovery Team and other creditors for ongoing operations to continue.

M. Dale Swiggett,
Founder of Waterfront Sportsman magazine
Co-founder of the EIC
US Atty. George Holding
Sara Conti, US Bankruptcy Trustee
Town of Swepsonville

To this I’m just going to give the Kanye shrug. To everyone doing wrong: How long do you think your mess is going to continue?


3 responses to this post.

  1. When asked ‘what possibly authority do you think you have to even demand such a thing?’

    The answer given is this….
    a moral and ethical authority.

    Look at the ‘tea party’ movement. So many, from different walks of life, different political opinions but the common denominator in every single tea party person is that they protest against the status quo.

    It’s about restoring ethics and morals to every person’s day-to-day living.

    It’s a brave new world out there.


  2. Posted by wilton on May 11, 2012 at 8:31 am

    now you can add GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Posted by wilton on July 14, 2012 at 4:58 am

    How dare you say ETHICS and MORALS when md swiggett has none just like the so called proof he never came up with. I love that everything is a ponize. and it is a brave new world out there but swiggett is a coward and a felon and a fraud. I cant wait to see you all very soon, it wont be hard to miss me.LOL


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