Should We Even Have To Ask?

Tonight I took time to do some research.  I reread an article about sludge spreading at an NC schools. The title of the article, “North Carolina City Asked to Stop Sludge Spreading Near Schools.” I repeat, “North Carolina City ASKED to  Stop SLUDGE SPREADING Near Schools.” Are you kidding me? Why in the blue hell should a city have to ask officials to stop the spreading of TOXIC waste near schools? This is even more proof of how…I don’t even think there is a word to describe the mindset of the “powers” that be. If they see nothing wrong with spreading sludge near or even on school grounds my god what else have they done for the love of a dollar?

We shouldn’t have to ask for sludge spreading to stop. We dang sure shouldn’t have to ask them to not spread it near schools. The affects of being exposed to sludge can be fatal; we know this to be fact. If we are armed with this knowledge why is sludge still being spread? I dare someone who’s spreading sludge or allowing spreading to continue to answer the question.

I’m not even going to ramble on because I think the title speaks for itself. What have we become as humans? Greedy ravenous critters dressed in suits. Shameful.


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