From the Chatham Star Tribune: Supervisors need to listen to the people

Thank you EIC member Karen Maute in Danville for getting this article to us!!

I have watched and read what people have been saying in letters to the editor.  In the Jan. 28 edition of the Star-Tribune I see that the member of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors who represents me, Fred Ingram, says we should just allow these uranium mining people to come in and build on that site and we will magically have jobs all over the place.

I ask you this: At what price do these jobs come at?

I am 73 years old and have lived a great portion of my life in this county. We have wonderful streams and ponds, not to mention Smith Mountain and Leesville lakes. Pittsylvania County is in a place that has many hidden treasures for the youth in our county as well as for adults. I have spoken with a great number of people who don’t want this mining done. They have come to the board and told the board that they don’t want uranium mining in the area.

However, the seven sitting on the Board of Supervisors want it, and even though people say they don’t want uranium mining in their back yard, it falls on deaf ears.  Why are they pushing this agenda over the voice of the people who elected them? Well, then we also have the fact that the seven on the board don’t like each other and they are willing to stab each other in the back just to promote their own agenda. Have we all forgotten what the Danville Register and Bee said: that the board is divided among itself?

They can’t even make a decision to help this community to make it better. They want to make things worse by acting like 7-year-olds and throwing insults at each other. What does that say to the businesses that would like to come and build here and make the jobs the county needs? If I were a business, I know I would not want to come to a place where the board acts like children instead of adults. With that in mind, I ask all the people in this county to come fill the board room up and tell them what you want in this county instead of a half full room with a few people that the board half way listens to.

I say this to all that feel the way I feel about uranium mining and think that what I am stating is credible.

I say to all who have concerns to come to the meeting in a show of unity. Let’s stand up for our community and make a difference. Let’s all vote for change and get a whole new board when elections come around. Let’s forget about who is what party and who is this or that. I was once told that one person can make a difference; it only takes that one voice to make things heard.

I believe in this county to be the difference maker when it comes to your children’s lives, your parent’s lives, and the things that you hold so dear in your life. If they don’t want to do what you expect them to do, then it
is time for a change. When your voice and your vote tells them how you feel may we all have new people in office regardless of whether they are from a certain party. Let’s put people in office who care about us instead of
those who are just after a buck.

Shirley Kinsley



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