Ex-N.C. House member can’t use donations for ticket

The Associated Press
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BURLINGTON, N.C. — A former North Carolina House member who said he was speeding to the Legislature to vote on behalf of his constituents can’t use campaign contributions to pay his traffic ticket.

The Times-News of Burlington reported Thursday that the state Board of Elections ruled that campaign contributions can only pay for expenses resulting from holding public office, and those don’t include paying for a traffic violation.

Former Rep. Cary Allred pleaded guilty in September to traveling 102 mph in a 65 mph zone on an interstate highway while driving to the General Assembly in April. He said the fine, attorneys’ fees and other bills totaled about $1,800


Allred said he would not have gotten the ticket if he hadn’t been trying to do his job as a legislator.

Information from: Times-News, http://www.thetimesnews.com
hmmm…how does Cary’s situation stack up against other politicos utilizing campaign funds for certain things? Like providing for a mistress & a child (Edwards), like paying for home repairs (Easley), etc. Oh there’s a long dirty laundry list to compare.

Could this be a double standard being implemented simply because Allred is a TRUE elected Representative of his constituents? And could it be that Allred was viciously targeted by his fellow legislators who are seriously threatened by very important House Bills regarding SLUDGE (which kills, make no mistake about this fact because after all NC is the ‘cancer state’) that Cary Allred sponsored?

What a complete farce NC politics has evolved to. That’s why Fern Shubert & Hugh Webster demanded that Larry Leake recuse himself from Easley BoE hearings (due to being very conflicted). That’s why I filed a 2nd demand stating the same thing.

Can anyone out there say like Bill Engvall, “Here’s Your Sign!”
Dale Swiggett

omegaman wrote on February, 4 8:37 AM:

Is there anything at all ethical about this guy?


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