That is all I can say! Ruffin Poole was indicted on 51 charges. He’s being described as ex. NC Gov Easley’s right hand man. He showed up at the Federal Building in downtown Raleigh this morning…in cuffs. I was at the Fed Building this afternoon handing out press packets to local news affiliates for Waterfront Sportsman and the EIC.

I stood across the street talking with a member from our group and as I looked at the Fed Building I thought to myself, “My god…what have we become?”

When I read the press packet information I just shook my head in sadness, disgust, and anger at the opening sentence, “How much damage has the Hunt/Easley/Perdue dynasty of misappropriations of environmental funds done to Homeland Security and the well being of our military and their families in the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) plan?”

How could you? That’s what I would ask these gov’t officials. We ALL have to live on this Earth…regardless of our political affiliations, ethnicity, social class, creed, religious beliefs, etc. etc. etc. Why would elected “trusted” officials ALLOW, CONDONE, and ASSIST in acts that have harmed and killed people in NC. Why would they? How could they? How do they sleep at night? How do they look their children and grandchildren in the face KNOWING the water they drink is contaminated? And to allow our military bases to become contaminated is LOW. I come from a military fam and know quite a few ppl still enlisted. Our military personnel and their families go through a lot…and now they have to be exposed to toxic waste on the bases in NC. Disrespectful, dishonorable, and shameful.

I’ve been working withWFS and EIC for almost a year and not once have I felt that they should give up. The only thing I’ve felt is that the group should not have to exist. We shouldn’t have to band together to expose these atrocities, because these atrocities shouldn’t even be happening. We shouldn’t have to witness the spreading of sludge on the grounds of an elementary school. We shouldn’t have to be banding together protesting the mining of Uranium in a climate that’s not suitable to do so. We shouldn’t be witnessing our shorelines disappearing. We shouldn’t be getting sick from drinking and bathing in tap water. We shouldn’t have to watch our govt officials and their constituents get indicted for the mess that they’ve done.

To quote Michael Jackson, “Look what we’ve done to the world…look what we’ve done.”


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  1. I’m a native North Carolinian and come from a military family as well. It is beyond disgusting, indeed I view it as totally CRIMINAL to knowingly poison our military and their families who make many sacrifices (some, the ultimate price of their lives) in order for the rest of us to enjoy our freedoms.

    And the poisoning doesn’t stop at our bases’ perimeters as the govmt studies state (i.e., it was the base dry cleaning operation). Our taxpayer $$ paid for that BS spin. The entire aquifer system is polluted and continues to be poisoned. This means more people up-n-down our east coast are ingesting, bathing, and breating toxins.

    Yeah NC….keep touting our wonderful cancer clinics, hospitals, etc. Keep tossing toxins into the big hole down in Aurora. Keep pumping our precious water out of the aquifers.

    We can no longer avert our eyes and ears. It’s time for everyone to call up onto the table and out into the streets everyone who has committed these crimes and those who have knowingly participated in all the cover-ups.

    What does it take to make you, the readers of this blog, realize the severity of our problems? Perhaps it will be your own diagnosis of some illness or disease.

    No wonder our nation’s health care is in shambles.


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