GOP’s Reeves to Challenge Miller


RALEIGH — Bernie Reeves, the editor of Raleigh Metro Magazine and a well-known conservative commentator, said Wednesday that he plans to challenge Democratic U.S. Rep. Brad Miller.

Reeves, a Republican, said he decided to enter the race because he is troubled by trends in Washington, including the rising national debt, the Democrats’ health care overhaul and what he sees as lax national security policies.

“I think Brad Miller is part of the Obama-Pelosi machine that is restructuring America away from the values that I cherish,” Reeves said in an interview.

“I think the small businessman is being ignored in the Obama program,” he added. “I am concerned that our first line of defense against terrorism is getting the short end of the stick. We are creating an environment where people are afraid to act on behalf of our own security.”

Reeves, 62, is one of the best-known media figures in Raleigh. He has started a number of publications, including the now defunct Spectator magazine and the Triangle Business Journal. He has appeared on TV as a conservative commentator and also founded the Raleigh International Spy Conference.

His chief consultant will be Carter Wrenn, who was Sen. Jesse Helms’ longtime strategist.

Miller has represented the 13th District since 2002. The district stretches fromRaleigh to Greensboro along the Virginia border.


water_warrior wrote on January, 15 8:45 AM:

It’s great that there’s an outspoken true entrepreneur going up against Miller! Hugh Webster, the last opponent of Miller, was viciously and unfairly attacked by the Hunt/Easley/Perdue Gangser Govmt to keep the lid on the open pit Uranium Mine slated for Danville, VA (which will adversely affect NC waters downstream) and the Burlington/Labcorp marriage of sludge spreading. We all need to stand up for Bernie and for NC’s water quality against Miller who is bought-n-paid for like a poker chip.

And for those readers scratching their heads about the U mine, just Google Coles Hill in VA. Virginia and NC elected officials have known about this unfolding development for quite sometime but have kept their mouths shut.

Dale Swiggett
Waterfront Sportsman & the Environmental Investigation Coalition


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