Report: N.C. missed 2000 land-preservation goal

The Associated Press

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RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina environmentalists are pointing out that the state missed former Gov. Jim Hunt’s challenge to protect a million acres of land from development within a decade.

Members of conservation groups on Thursday discuss a report describing how far the state got toward reaching the goal of preserving a million acres of farmland, open space, and conservation lands by 2010.

Hunt challenged governments and private groups in January 2000 to do more to protect the state’s quality of life in the face of rapid population growth.

The initiative depended heavily on taxpayer-funded programs that received more applications than they could approve. The recession has slowed the flow of taxpayer money into the funds in recent years.

water_warrior wrote on January, 14 9:27 AM:

But Hunt WAS successful in diverting millions of $$ from the NC Rural Center & Clean Water Trust slush funds for bogus conservation easements that were really downpayments for his politico cronies’ pie-in-sky high end real estate Ponzi schemes. Case in point is Jim Adams of Millridge Developers and his River Dunes partners (touted for the Coastal Living Dream home which is now a nightmare due to the sinking land…see N&O’s other story today about DENR’s forum on rising sea levels).

I’m a developer and find it highly offensive (and criminal) that a few select greedy developers (who are big contributors) get these land conservation easements and turn right around to use taxpayer $$ as hefty downpayments for their real estate Ponzi schemes.

Dale Swiggett
Waterfront Sportsman, the Environmental Investigation Coalition

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  1. actually the best way to preserve land is to drop taxes on land that is in a natural state of vegetation. this would include farming as well which is letting others develop land and still give areas for water recharge. No on will do this because this is all about making money and setting up other governemt agencies to employ people and control the land.


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