Base Realignment and Closure

I’m a Military Brat and proud of it! Both my grandfathers served and my dad served also.  One thing about growing up military is that you never fully retire. It’s a lifestyle…not just a job. You stay connected to the military families you meet throughout your travels and you stay aware of what is going on with military families; which brings up the topic of Base Realignment and Closure…BRAC.

The link below is from the government is worth the read



Here are my main thoughts/questions:

1. The military bases that these families are moving to are not deserted, so where are these people going to live?

2. The towns that are losing their military bases are also losing civilian jobs…so where are those people going to work?

3. With the contamination at Camp Lejune and other military bases is it safe/smart/logical to move even more people to the area?

4. Do the bases NEED to be closed?

5. What is to be done with the empty bases?

6. Refer to #1

7. When it comes to NC was the truth told about the water quality and available space at our bases?

8. Refer to #3

I’m not being like that boy on the bus who told Forrest, “You can’t sit here.” I’m just raising my hand and asking some simple questions? It doesn’t seem like the BRAC has been well thought out. It really brings out my “WTF?” face when things are done that offer SHORT TERM solutions. This isn’t 1639, people live past the age of 20 so we need to start making decisions based on what will happen in 20+ years.


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